Do you know that there are many ways for you to fill the gaps in your floorboards? Having a hardwood floor at home or office requires you to pay attention to its maintenance. When your floorboards start to shift and you see wide gaps, you can either fill them with ropes, putty, or pine slivers. The latter is the best option and here are the 3 benefits you will receive for filling gaps with pine slivers.

Fill Gaps of Any Size

When you use ropes to fill the gaps, you have to choose from many different types. Once you have chosen one, you are faced with the challenge of different gaps widths. When you have gaps of different widths, you might not be able to use rope to fill them all. On the other hand, you can fill gaps of any size with pine slivers because you push them in with a hammer, and you know at one point how much of it can go inside.

Do It with Ease

Let’s say you go with the option of wood putty. That’s some technical task that most people won’t be able to perform well when they are doing it for the first time. Secondly, installing ropes to fill the gaps can be even more difficult. With slivers, you can just push one into the gap and hammer it from the back to push it all the way in.

Proper Sealing of Gaps

Filling gaps using pine slivers will also give you the benefit of proper sealing of the gaps. From odours and draughts, you can keep everything out when you have filled gaps with pine slivers. Last but not least, proper installation also makes your floor structure stronger and tighter.

It is important to know here that professionals who have been doing it for years are the best people to perform the job of filling gaps with slivers. They can do it fast and without damaging other floorboards.