The Berber logo mat is one of the most sought-after and widely used entry mats in the industry. The actual mat is constructed out of an exceptionally tough cloth and contains a well-known Berber pattern that is comforting and reassuring at the same time. The high-low design is not only aggressive in cleaning dirt and debris from shoes, but it is also highly effective in trapping moisture from rain, spills, and other sources. It does both of these things thanks to its ability to clean dirt and debris aggressively.

Workplaces that wish to increase health and safety without compromising even an ounce of curb appeal should invest in the logo floor mats berber as it is an absolute necessity for accomplishing this goal.

To give things a quick look. There are a lot of different factors that go into the decision of whether or not to remodel entryways with Berber logo mats in commercial company buildings, hotels, and banks. The following are a few examples:

  1. Strength extending from the front to the back. The surface, which is comprised of strong polypropylene, has an exceptional capacity for cleanliness. The reverse side of the mat features a non-skid rubber backing that secures it in place and ensures that it won’t move about.
  2. A construction that is resistant to the elements as a result of the combination of polypropylene and rubber in their construction, Berber logo mats are useful in a variety of settings, both inside and outside the home.
  3. A thickness that can be adjusted. There is a selection of thicknesses available to choose from to cater to the requirements of each specific facility.
  4. Fibers that are resistant to being compressed. Usage after use, whether for a few hours, days, or even months, does not compromise the durability of a Berber mat.
  5. Precise logo placement. A graphic artist creates the designs for the Berber logo mats and then employs specialized laser cutting techniques to embed the brand straight into the mat.

Logo Design Tips

There are a few aspects that, in general, should be kept in mind when submitting a design request for a new Berber mat. Several examples of them are as follows:

Consider The Simplest Option

The most successful Berber logos are those that avoid unnecessary details, have a consistent visual style, and can be grasped quickly and easily. For more elaborate designs that include a variety of colors, shadows, and graphic effects, you should opt for a digitally printed mat like the Graphic Impressions Logo.

Take Into Consideration The Orientation

Decide the orientation of your design by selecting either landscape or portrait. In most cases, this decision is made by the size of the space that the logo mat will take up. Generally speaking, a logo with a landscape orientation works best when it is applied to vast rectangular sections that are far longer than they are tall. The mat will most likely be longer than it is wide if it is to be used in an entryway that is on the narrower side. Because of the nature of these applications, portrait orientation is required.


Remember Consistent Design

Be sure that the color scheme, logo style, and overall brand image of the organization are mirrored in the mats that display its insignia by making sure that these elements are consistent with one another. If these components of your firm are still in the process of being developed, you should take advantage of this time to build a basic logo for your company and experiment with different color schemes.